3 Things the make SkinPen great

SkinPen is relatively new when it comes to the world of cosmetics and skin care. Despite being the new treatment on the block, it is capable of achieving the desirable results without much disadvantage to it. It was also developed to be efficient and safe when used and currently, it is already an FDA-approved treatment. These feats of course, made SkinPen readily likable and desired by many people especially with the power of social media. However, achieving desirable results and being safe are not the things that jump started SkinPen’s road to success and prominence. Here are 3 more things about SkinPen that that helped it become renowned: 

  • Non-invasive

One of the great things about SkinPen is that it is non-invasive. SkinPen’s procedure is considered to be one of the best because despite it being a similar procedure to microneedling, it does not attack or wound your skin. And since SkinPen is non-invasive, the downtime and recovery period are short to zero. Patients can resume their daily routines and responsibilities after undergoing SkinPen treatment without any issue or problem. 


  • Convenient

Being a non-invasive procedure is one thing and being convenient is another. Luckily, the latter is also one of SkinPen’s advantages. The procedure only lasts up to 20 minutes but can extend to 40 minutes depending on the size and severity of the area to be treated. Mild problems usually go around for 20 minutes but these include only pores and small scars. Extensive problems like deep acne scars and stretch marks will last longer since the SkinPen will be needed to press the area several more times. 

  • Comfortable

In those 20 to 40 minutes, the SkinPen treatment will not just be non-invasive but instead comfortable. A non-invasive treatment means that it is virtually harmless and painless. Despite the usage of needles in the process, the procedure will not make you feel anything aside from a funny and tingling sensation. Furthermore, numbing creams are also applied before the procedure, thereby guaranteeing the harmless treatment to go on successfully.