3 Things Why Venus Legacy is Your Next Treatment

Fat and cellulite can be really problematic, especially when they are stubborn and hard to address. These days, a lot of treatments may be chosen to properly address these fats and cellulites. One of these treatments is called Venus Legacy, a highly developed treatment that specializes in skin tightening and skin smoothing. It utilizes both radio frequency and pulse magnetic fields that can penetrate deep into the skin. This process is unique since it triggers blood circulation, prompts glowing skin and stimulates the body’s natural healing response. Aside from causing the skin to tighten, softening it and reducing the fat and cellulite, what makes Venus Legacy special and highly sought out is its additional advantages compared to other treatments. 

  • Results are for a long time


According to Dr. Jason Emer, a dermatologic surgeon, Venus Legacy’s effects aren’t temporary especially when it is followed up and maintained. He says, 


“The results of Venus legacy are usually continuous when upkeep treatment in maintained. You will see results for a minimum of 18 months after a series of three treatments (in most cases). A formal consultation is needed to determine the specifics of your case.

  • Procedure is not painful


Additionally, Venus Legacy isn’t painful and is in fact very relaxing according to Dr. Brain Keedy, a board certified surgeon. He says,


“The Venus Legacy treatment is very comfortable. Depending on which applicator is used you may have some mild suction while treating the area. This is not painful for patients but can be very relaxing. Patients in fact fall asleep while being treated and often report the treatment feels like a hot stone massage.”

  • Procedure has no downtime


And since Venus Legacy is not a painful procedure, it necessarily follows that there is no downtime for it according to Dr. Keedy. He states,


“Venus Legacy is a very comfortable relaxing treatment.  You will experience a warm sensation and redness after the treatment.  However you can return to all daily activities such as work, swimming, and exercising.”