4 Alternatives to Water Hydration

We all know that water is the primary and most crucial source of hydration that can help our skin become young, flawless and healthy. While water is readily available almost anywhere, there are other ways of hydrating aside from just drinking water. Here are 4 alternatives to water hydration:


  1. No snacks that are loaded with carbs

The fist alternative to hydration is not hydrating itself. Instead, it is the prevention of eating foods that are loaded with carbs. Accordingly, carb loaded foods are responsible for absorbing hydration and moisture in your skin and body. As such, it is much more beneficial if you skip these types of foods. 


  1. Flavored drinks

The most common alternative to hydration would be drinking of other fluids. Truth be told, the 8 to 10 glasses of water routine is hard to do every day. Thankfully, switching to flavored drinks is a good alternative. Fresh fruit juices and flavored tea are good flavored drinks. 


  1. Soups 

Another alternative, and it is an uncommon one, is the inclusion of soup. It can help with hydration and other awesome proteins and vitamins especially if the soup is a vegetable soup. Not only that, soup is actually delicious, making it a very pleasurable way of hydration. 


  1. Colorful Diets

The best way to hydrate yourself, aside from water intake, is the intake of fruits and vegetables. Accordingly, adding vegetables and fruits to your diet helps you get more hydration as these vegetables and fruits have high water content.