4 Benefits of 3D Areola and Nipple Tattooing

3D Areola and Nipple Tattooing are brought to the world of cosmetics not just for ordinary women looking to up or restore the appearance of their nipples but more importantly also to women who have undergone mastectomy. Thanks to this innovative procedure, these women can skip the traditional surgical procedure of restoring their nipples. 


This tattooing procedure allows the restoration of the true to life appearance of an areola and a nipple without much inconvenience to its procedure and results. While the procedure will only yield a flat to the touch result, it will still be able to cover up scars and marks on the breast and even correct areola pigmentation. 

  • Convenient

One of the biggest benefits of this procedure is convenience. And this is not only because it can skip the additional surgery that will involve more scars and stitches but because the entire procedure can just be done in a few hours with the tattooing portion taking about 15 to 30 minutes only per breast. 

  • Painless

Generally, after a successful mastectomy, the breast parts are relieved of nerve endings, duly making the breast numb. This in effect makes the procedure completely painless as the nerve sensations are already cut off. 

  • All Around

The tattooing is generally safe for all candidates who want to touch-up or restore their nipples or areolas. However, it is a strict requirement to be completely healed of all surgeries on the day of the tattooing procedure. Additionally, aestheticians or experts will require that the skin be free from substantive sun damage as the skin might suffer from complications. 

  • Effective Results

The results of the procedure are guaranteed to be excellent and amicable. That means that not only will they be safe and sound but also natural enough to help the patient regain her prime confidence and sense of femininity.