4 Hair Removal Tips this Cold Season

With just 2 months away from Christmas, the cold season is finally arriving! Thanks to the sun-less environment, one of the things to do is get your hair removed. However, getting your hair removed shouldn’t be through waxing or shaving as the skin gets very delicate during the cold season. Instead, the best and only way to do so is through laser hair removal.


But of course, getting a laser hair removal also requires some pre-treatment care and caution so as to guarantee safe and effective results. Here are some tips you should follow before heading down to your cold season hair removal:


This goes without saying that you shouldn’t shave or wax your hair before heading down to your laser treatment appointment. In truth, you should skip both completely even if you are not headed to your appointment. This is because shaving and waxing can both harm your skin since the cold often makes your skin very delicate and prone to burns and wounds. Naturally, heading down with a burned or wounded skin would get in the way in your laser hair removal! It could further harm your skin and result in an inefficient removal of hair. 


The skin is very delicate and sensitive during the cold season. Normally, skins dry up quickly and can get exposed to different problems and skin conditions. It would be very unwise to lay a dry, vulnerable and problem-filled skin to the laser as the latter may further complicate the condition of the skin. Luckily, moisturizing your skin can greatly aid with the dryness brought by the cold season. Additionally, this will soften the annoying and persistent hairs in the body, making it easier to remove them completely. 


While the skin is delicate and sensitive during the cold season, it is still important to conduct body scrub because dead skin grows faster during the cold season. Putting a little effort to remove these layers of dead skin will make the laser hair removal more effective. However, it should be noted that body scrubbing shouldn’t be done every day as this might expose your skin instead of just removing the layers of dead skin. 


Massaging the area where you will have your hair removed turns out to be an effective practice. This is because it makes the blood circulate more efficiently, helping the skin become plump and remove dryness.