4 Treatments You Can Get during Cold Season

The cold season is approaching! And that means it is the most wonderful time to schedule treatments. Because unlike the hot season, the sun is nowhere in sight. So your fresh and radiant but delicate and sensitive skin is safe from the scorching heat which may harm, damage and reverse the effects of your treatment. But of course, not all treatments are readily available and suitable for the cold season!


So we listed down those treatments you should book this cold season to gain that confidence despite wearing layers of clothing. Here are 4 treatments you can get during the ber months: 


Laser Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing are not really the ideal ways of getting your hair removed during the cold season. Apart from skin being susceptible to burns, cuts, and rashes, the cold season will likely give you a chapped skin. This makes waxing and shaving very difficult to execute. Luckily, there is another option and that is through Laser Hair Removal. Laser Hair Removal is completely convenient and safe. Thanks to its technology, it can also be very effective in preventing subsequent hair growth. Additionally, the lack of sunlight will be very beneficial as you can go out and reveal your fresh skin without worry. 


Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel is also one of the best treatments to get during the cold season. This is because the skin after a Chemical Peel is very delicate and sensitive. And that is a critical time and condition during the hot season because it will be susceptible to the sun’s intense heat and UV rays. But during the cold season, that wouldn’t be much of a problem since the sun is out of sight. In effect, your skin after a Chemical Peel would likely recover and heal faster. 


Photofacial, otherwise known as IPL, benefits greatly from the absence of the sun. Not only because of the sensitive and delicate skin after the treatment but also because skin conditions such as discoloration, hyperpigmentation, acne breakouts, rosacea and dull skin color are all caused by sun exposure. While these may be treated by Photofacial, getting out in the summer sun would just make the return of these easy. So, getting a Photofacial during the cold season eliminates that possibility and helps you enjoy your fresh and radiant skin without worry. 



BOTOX is best taken during the cold season. During the summer, BOTOX is not readily ideal because higher temperatures can result in a quick metabolization of BOTOX. But during the cold season, the metabolization rate is much much slower, making the results last longer. This naturally means that subsequent sessions or follow-ups can be delayed. Apart from that, intense heat can be disadvantageous because it might encourage swelling or bruising. In contrast, during colder seasons, the lower temperatures are more favorable to both the skin and the neurotoxin.