6 things you should know about Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner has arrived in the world of cosmetics and it is a thing of beauty! Not only does it address the everyday problem of applying the traditional make up and getting those perfect lines and strokes but it also helps with accentuating the eye shape and color. More and more people are flocking this new aesthetic treatment thanks to its permanence and convenience. But aside from those two, there are more things to know about Permanent Eyeliner. Here are 6 facts you should know before heading to your next appointment: 

  • Better than traditional tattoo 

Permanent Eyeliner involves a tattooing technique that has a similar procedure as a regular tattoo. However, Permanent Eyeliner’s tattooing technique has more features and is better fit as a cosmetic treatment. Not only is it less painful but it also contains less of a metal base. Apart from those, it is only semi-permanent compared to a traditional one which would prevent you from changing the style and color. 

  • Different styles and colors

One of the beauties of Permanent Eyeliner is that there are options regarding the style and color. Apart from traditional colors of black and brown, violet, green, and blue are also available. Of course, the expert or aesthetician needs to give a go signal in order to reassure the safety and not just the best possible look. 

  • Painless

Getting a Permanent Eyeliner is quite a relief since its procedure is very gentle and painless. This is of course due to a numbing process where a numbing cream is applied into the area to make the procedure virtually painless. While there might be a discomfort, it will generally just be minimal or sometimes just ticklish.

  • Quick 

The procedure of Permanent Eyeliner is not only painless but incredibly convenient since the entire session will only take 2-3 hours. The numbing process which takes about 25-30 minutes is already included therein! 

  • Easy Healing 

From being painless and quick comes a zero downtime for Permanent Eyeliner. After the procedure, the healing process will begin immediately and usually just takes a week or so. 

  • Long-lasting 

Getting that beautiful permanent stroke or line is not just about having different styles and colors because it is also about having a long-lasting result. On an average, eyeliner tattoos will usually go for about 10 to 18 months. This of course would require a regular touch-up since the pigment will eventually fade.