Abnormally Strong Ice Storm Batters Oklahoma

           An abnormally early and strong ice storm has swept over Oklahoma, knocking down several trees and electrical lines leaving over 300,000 people without power. The Washington Post published an article on October 28th about the strange and severe weather phenomenon. In it, they say:  

“The University of Oklahoma warned students of ‘lightning-infested sleet and freezing rain storms’ that would hit the central Oklahoma campus, with thunder echoing throughout Oklahoma City. Social media was replete with photos of toppled trees, the storm posing a particular danger to agriculture. It was the first time that the National Weather Service in either Norman or Tulsa had issued an ice storm warning during the month of October, and the pre-Halloween glaze was the worst ice storm to strike at any time of year in at least five years.”

         It is not yet known when power will be fully restored to the 300,000 people affected according to an article published in NPR on October 28th. In it, they say:

” ‘Additional weight on tree limbs caused by ice accumulating on leaves has resulted in severe tree damage and limbs coming into contact with energized lines,’ Public Service Company of Oklahoma officials said in a statement Tuesday. They added: ‘Due to continued ice, sleet, freezing rain and high winds, we’re unable to provide specific information on when service will be restored.’ “

             Vehicular accidents and house fires have also been reported. In light of an abnormally strong ice storm like this one, extra caution is advised when going out. Avoid going out at all if possible.