Botox Aftercare Tips

BOTOX is one of the most famous and highly sought out cosmetic treatments because of its ability to deal with and address the appearance of facial wrinkles. Facial wrinkles are hard to combat and address because there are different lifestyles that are difficult to let go. However, facial wrinkles are primarily due to aging, an unavoidable factor. Luckily, BOTOX was developed to prevent facial wrinkles by preventing muscles to contract and forcing wrinkles to be paralyzed, making them softer and relaxed. While it may be readily effective and easy to undergo, BOTOX is still a delicate cosmetic treatment that requires certain maintenance and aftercare. Here are 3 aftercare tips we gathered to make your BOTOX treatment more fruitful and effective:


Protect the treated area from the heat

Getting warmth from the sun is not always a good thing especially when you just finished your BOTOX treatment. Staying out of the sun is a good way to make your results successful, long-lasting and free from complications because sunlight can actually magnify and emphasize fine lines and wrinkles. Also, getting too much sun exposure can lead to bruising in the treated area. If it is crucial to go outside, you should cover the treated area to protect it from the sun. Otherwise, stay indoors until your treated area is completely healed or when your doctors or technicians allow you. Additionally, tanning beds, saunas, hot shoes and hot tubs are not encouraged after your BOTOX treatment since heat is generally not recommended. 


Touching is not allowed

Since BOTOX treatment is delicate, it is usually safer to keep your hands from the treated area. This of course includes, poking, massaging, and rubbing the treated area since the injected liquid may be forced to spread to other regions or areas. The result can be less effective and less satisfying results. Applying pressure is also discouraged as it may produce the same effects. As such, doctors and experts usually encourage sleeping in a position that will protect the treated area from any pressure. 

Reschedule other skin treatments

Of course, if touching is not allowed after BOTOX treatments, other skin care treatments are likewise not allowed. Not only because BOTOX is a delicate treatment but the skin after the treatment becomes sensitive and prone to complications. Rescheduling your appointments is a wise decision since your skin should just let stay relaxed and free from other treatments that can upset the muscles and affect the BOTOX itself.