Creator Behind Iconic Characters Like the Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake Has Settled in Oklahoma

Muriel Fahrion, has created a number of beloved children’s characters. She is perhaps best known for creating the iconic Strawberry Shortcake and working on the team that created the six original carebears. Turns out this beloved icon of our childhood has lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1995 according to a Business Insider article from February 25th. In it they say:

“Fahrion, who now resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has spent the pandemic holed up in her home that doubles as her studio. Though she suffered a stroke at one point, she’s never stopped being creative. Adept at marketing through social media, Fahrion has a relatively large following on Facebook and Instagram (over 12,000 followers on the latter platform), where she can be seen showing off her works of art. ”

Speaking of her online platform and working from home, Fahrion created a brand new character that goes by the name of Stay at Home Bear that she posted on her socials to get people to stay indoors early into the pandemic according to a Tulsa Wrold article from April 2020. In it they say:

Her newest creation — Stay at Home Bear — was born because she wants to urge people to be safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fahrion recently unveiled three Stay at Home Bear illustrations on social media. One of the images shows a bear holding a mobile phone and saying, ‘Tell someone you care.’ Another shows a child holding the bear and the illustration is accompanied by these words: ‘If you can’t be with the ones you hug, hug the ones you’re with.’ “

Fahrion is still an active illustrator well into her golden years and she isn’t slowing down.