Dysport: Aftercare

Dysport is one of the most famous cosmetic treatments and it is known to effectively address wrinkles around the eyes. Apart from wrinkles, it is able to address different problems like Bruxism, Platysmal Bands and Smokers Lines. Its effectiveness and safety are likewise commendable since Dysport is a well-sought out treatment and it is FDA approved! However, just like any other cosmetic treatment, Dysport requires an aftercare and maintenance to ensure not only the best results possible but to protect both the skin and body from any unwanted effects. 

  • No touching

As much as possible, it is recommended that the treated area be left alone. This means that it shouldn’t be rubbed, pricked, or touched in general as the treated area may complicate and produce less desirable results. 

  • Check

It is important to check any signs of bruising or bleeding on the treated area right after the injection of Dysport. Doing so will help provide necessary remedies and reliefs as soon as possible. 

  • Facial exercises

Laughing, smiling, frowning, raising eyebrows and clenching jaws are facial exercises that can help the Dysport flow around the face, making it more efficient for the neurotoxin to neutralize the muscles.

  • Take Vitamin C

Taking Vitamin C right after the treatment will help boost skin’s defense and health. This can also improve the skin’s texture and laxity. For further and proper medications, consult the doctor or expert. 

  • Avoid lying down

A few hours right after the treatment, it is usually recommended that patients remain standing or sitting so as to maintain a flow of the neurotoxin in the muscles. 

  • Avoid intense activities

However, too much activity right after the Dysport procedure is heavily discouraged as it may disrupt the flow of the neurotoxins. Long periods of stretching, like yoga, is likewise discouraged.  

  • Discomfort

While Dysport generally has no discomfort that follows the procedure, swelling may appear. What is recommended is to apply ice or gel packs in the treated area. 

  • Sunscreen

Sunscreen will be your best friend throughout the duration of your recovery because sun exposure will likely cause damage in your treated area, making it difficult to achieve the best results. Sunscreen will also protect the treated area from Ultraviolet rays which can disrupt the progress of Dysport. 

  • Delay other treatments

While Dysport may seem like an easy and gentle procedure, it is still advised that other cosmetic treatments be delayed for at least one whole week. However, there will be treatments that can be taken without complicating the Dysport procedure but expert advise and opinion must be acquired first.