Everything You Need To Know About Skin Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing also called skin peeling, or BBL, is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Broadband light is used to target individual problem areas. The BBL device creates microdamage in the deeper layers of the skin, which stimulates the skin’s own healing mechanisms. The tone, feel, and general appearance of the skin changes significantly as it recovers.

Many common skin disorders and blemishes are treated with skin resurfacing. Acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, and dark or sagging skin are only a few examples.

Ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing therapies are the two most common categories.

  • Non-ablative procedures heat the skin’s lower layer to initiate the healing process. There is usually little or no downtime for these therapies.
  • On the other hand, ablative procedures are more intense. They include not only heating the lower layers of skin but also deep exfoliation to the upper layer. Ablative therapies are more invasive, making the skin red and raw and necessitating at least a week of healing time.

What’s The Treatment Actually Like? 

Sciton® BBL is much gentler on the skin than CO2 resurfacing. It can be micro-focused on just the desired areas while minimizing side effects, downtime, and thermal damage to the rest of the skin. Procedures for BBL resurfacing are not harmful. The majority of patients equate the pain to snapping a rubber band against their skin. If you’re in pain, the doctor can use a topical numbing cream or a freezing system to help. A typical treatment session lasts 15-45 minutes, depending on the size of the treated region and the degree of skin injury. You may require four or six procedures over the span of six months to see the best outcomes.

How Do I Get Ready For a BBL Session?

Although the treatment is safe, there are certain steps you can take before your sessions. Avoid using retinol drugs at least twenty-four hours before the treatment. For two weeks before and after each session, you should abstain from alcohol and tobacco products. This will aid in the speedy recovery of the skin and the avoidance of any complications. Your specialist skincare technician will conduct a detailed examination of your skin at your first appointment to assess the type and condition. They will also recommend the right course of action for you, ensuring that you have all of the knowledge you need to make an educated decision.

When you begin your treatment with us, you will have immediate access to high-quality medical advice at all steps of the way. The team at Belle Ame MedSpa will be there to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you get the best results possible. To start your treatment to get the skin you deserve, schedule a consultation with us.