Here’s why you keep having acnes

Acnes are generally unpleasant, unattractive and confidence downers. Most often than not, they are irritatingly difficult to avoid and get rid of. That is why many people are bumped out when these little things pop out of their face. 


While there are plenty of treatments—Chemical Peels, Dermaplane, Skin Pen, and Skin Resurfacing—which could help reduce and erase acne, it is still very important to know what are the primary causes that make them appear and are hard to eliminate. Otherwise, acne would just come back every now and then. 


Hormones can cause acne to appear and recur. Androgens trigger the sebaceous glands that produce sebum or oil which in turn can enlarge pores and subsequently destroy the cellular walls. Additionally, these sebums also encourage dirt accumulation, resulting in the development of acne. 


Beauty products, particularly those that are oil-based are not beneficial when it comes to acne prevention. This is because these products contain mineral oil, coconut butter, silicones and sulfates that encourage blocking of the skin pores. Additionally, these can also be aggressive to the skin that may compromise its defenses. As much as possible use oil-free and unscented products and of course, those non-comedogenic. 


Stress plays a huge role in the appearance and recurring of acne since it can directly trigger hormonal changes. Particularly adrenaline and cortisol, these hormones can worsen acne by forcing the increase of testosterone which in turn increases oil production. 

  • DIET

One of the best culprits of acne development is diet. Greasy foods and sweet foods are known to encourage acne. Additionally, recent studies show that there is also a direct association between dairy products and acne. 


Popping pimples is not a great idea at all despite the relief of getting rid of them. This is because the bacterial infection is spread around the area and even further down the skin, making it the skin more prone to acne developments. 


Apart from pimple popping, pressuring the pimple by touching or holding can easily aggravate the acne. Acnes are actually very sensitive and a little pressure from the hands or even other things can immediately cause bacterial infection. Additionally, external pressure can also clog pores since the hands and other items are usually filled with dirt, sweat, oil and bacteria. 


Too much sun exposure can also trigger acne as the sun can dry out the skin. When it does, the skin is forced to compensate for the dryness of the skin and so, it produces more oil. And more oil leads to more acne.