How to Prepare for a Lash Lift

Having problems with the way your eyelashes are? Looking for a treatment that primarily focuses on darkening them? Then Lash Lift is the proper treatment for you!


Lash Lift is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment that curls and lifts eyelashes, making them appear more appealing and healthier with a hint of Keratin treatment. It also involves coloring your eyelashes in darker shades to make them refined and easily visible. Fortunately, this treatment is readily available in the market and its procedure is relatively hassle-free and short. What’s even better is that Lash Lift can produce results that can last up to months, making it a super beneficial treatment to those who have little time and those who want to extend their new refined appearance. 


While Lash Lift is an appealing and worthy treatment to undergo, it requires preparations in order to make the treatment as effective as possible. Additionally, good preparation will naturally help you attain the look and effects you desire. As a bonus, it can also help with extending the duration of the effects. Here are some quick tips before you head on to your Lash Lift appointment:


  • Wash your face with gentle cleansers or soap before your appointment
  • Do not curl your eyelashes for at least 24 hours before your appointment
  • Refrain from using any waterproof mascara at least 24 hours before the procedure as residues can affect the treatment’s effectiveness
  • Refrain from using eye creams, moisturizers or oils around your eyes
  • Remove any eye makeup before heading to your appointment
  • Remove fake eyelashes and contact lenses as well
  • Do not apply anything on your face especially lotions or creams as they may not be compatible with the treatment
  • Reschedule your appointment if your eye is suffering from eye infections