Kybella is all around

A revolutionary and FDA-cleared injectable medication, Kybella has been making waves as it offers a convenient and painless procedure in permanently eliminating fat. It is primarily used for addressing fats located in the chin that cannot be resolved by proper diet and exercise. 


However, Kybella is not just an ordinary injectable medication that can only cater to fats in the chin. As a matter of fact, Kybella can be utilized in different parts of the face and even in some parts of the body where the fats are more pronounced and harder to get rid of.


According to Dr Sheryl D. Clark, a board certified dermatologist, Kybella is beneficial to both the neck and the jaw. She says,


“I have found reducing the fat of the neck, the jawline indirectly looks more defined. In addition, many patients experience tightening of the treated area.” 


Additionally, jawlines can also become more defined after eliminating the double chin according to Dr. Scott Farber, a board certified plastic surgeon. He states,


“Kybella has been shown to be safe and effective in reducing submental fat under the chin, also known as a “double chin”. When the submental fat is decreased, the jaw line will have a cleaner, more defined appearance.”


According to Dr. Sabrina Fabi, thigh gaps are also within the scope of Kybella. She says, 


“Kybella is one way of achieving “thigh gap” without surgery but this is considered ‘off-label.’ However, you need a series of treatments and may have some swelling.”

Dr. Kouros Azar also supported the idea despite Kybella not being officially used to target thigh gaps. He states,

“Kybella is only FDA approved for under the chin so any use elsewhere would be considered “off label”. However, I have seen some lovely results with Kybella on the inner thighs.”


Kybella is also known to address fats in the armpit area according to Dr. Keith Denkler, a board certified plastic surgeon. He says, 


“Kybella will soften and diminish fat in the armpit and can be repeated to your satisfaction.You will need an exam to see if this is the best, or alternative techniques.”


Apart from fats in the thigh gaps and armpits, there are also other off-label uses of Kybella which include fats in the bra, abdominal area and love handles. But of course, it is very important that physical consultation and examinations be conducted first before heading out to get a Kybella treatment. Most importantly, Kybella should only be done by licensed professionals and doctors.