Kybella is the answer to the Post Holiday Gains and Fats

The holidays might be over but the fats we gained will be incredibly difficult to get rid of. While these fats can be eliminated by different treatments, there is one treatment that can easily eliminate these fats and it is none other than Kybella. 


But before jumping on the treatment, there are first pre-treatment instructions needed to be followed to ensure the best and safest results: 

  • Advance Booking


Kybella may be efficient in eliminating fats but its post-treatments effects like swelling and discomfort may prove an inconvenience especially when you have a special occasion or vacation. People are likely to rush their appointments and the downtime, making Kybella’s effects a little rushed. So to get the best possible results from the treatment, booking your appointment in advance is the first step. But of course, if you aren’t rushing, then it’s all good to go through the inflammation process that will remove the fat cells from your body. 

  • Avoid these beverages


For most treatments, it is normal to avoid caffeine or alcohol because these liquids have certain components that may complicate the effects or even reduce the quality of results. For Kybella however, it is not just caffeine or alcohol but also those liquids that are high in sugar and sodium. This goes to say that foods with the same components are also discouraged. 

  • Drink plenty of water


Of course, drinking water is encouraged! Not only will it calm your nerves but it will also help hydrate your skin, making it more elastic that will allow the procedure to go smoother and better. 

  • Avoid these medications


Apart from beverages and foods, Kybella does not go well with certain medications such as aspirin, fish oil or any other blood thinning supplements as these can produce unwanted effects. More so, avoiding these medications for one good week can help the procedure go smoothly as it will minimize bleeding or bruising. 

  • Peak Health 


Nowadays, it is rather easy to get colds and flu since the COVID-19 is not entirely gone yet. However, it is very important that before you head on to the appointment, you should be at your peak health. This means that if you are suffering from cold or flu, it is encouraged that you reschedule as this might prove an obstacle in the procedure or even the results of Kybella. This also goes for infections, rash, allergy or blemish.