Kybella: To massage or not

Kybella is a wonder and a success in the field of beauty and cosmetics as it became a hit for being the first FDA approved treatment that addresses the double chin problem that has become prevalent these days. Apart from that, what makes Kybella successful is its convenience and efficacy in solving the double chin or unwanted fat in different parts of the body. However, a common question that arises in Kybella lies in its aftercare. Since it is a very convenient yet delicate treatment, patients and clients have questioned whether or not the treated area should be massaged as part of an aftercare and maintenance for Kybella. Luckily, we got some experts to share their opinions and suggestions regarding this.


According to Dr. Susan Buenaventura, a board certified plastic surgeon, massaging the treated area which will swell from the treatment will do no harm and likewise advises to be gentle with it. She says, 


“I think it is fine to gently massage the hard lump.  It may be swelling from Kybella or fat pockets lysing.  Be patient with Kybella, it takes time to see swelling resolve.  Swelling generally hits its peak at about 72 hours.  Results will be seen over the next couple months.  I do not retreat prior to 8 weeks.  You will likely see nice results over the next 8 weeks.”


Additionally, massaging the treated area will not produce any bad side effects or lessen the effectiveness of Kybella according to Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh, a board certified plastic surgeon. He says 


“It’s unlikely to negatively impact your results, but I suggest following up with your practitioner about aftercare recommendations. Kybella take 1-3 treatments every 6 weeks.  Patient will develop swelling and possible bruising after each injection that may last a few days.  The benefit of Kybella is each treatment is quick and completed in the office. However, some patients need more than one treatment to get desired results.” 


According to Dr. Jason Emer, a dermatologic surgeon, a great way for aftercare for Kybella would be another treatment massage called Lymphatic treatment. He says, 


“Lymphatic massage may give improvement. For best results with Kybella, I recommend a combination approach with thermage, ultherapy, exilis. VASER liposuction in combination with ThermiRF is an alternative for contouring the chin, if you’re a candidate. I recommend getting a formal evaluation with an expert.” 


In conclusion, many experts and doctors do not see anything wrong with massaging the Kybella treated area. In fact, some of them see massaging the treated area as a relief and opportunity to improve the results of Kybella. There are other post-treatments that can go with Kybella treated patients. However, it is very important to first consult with an expert or doctor before rushing in to massage to relieve the discomfort brought by the swelling or going on another treatment to maximize the results.