Laser Treatment and Saline Treatment

Permanent Makeup is a famous cosmetic that’s been widely sought out by many people due to its convenience and permanence. It likewise was sought to address the difficulty or impossibility of applying makeup such as shaky hands or allergic reaction towards cosmetic products. The duration of permanent makeup can last up to 3 to 5 years with regular checkups following after the treatment. Despite treatments being successful, there are of course people who will want to undo or change the effects and results of the treatment. Even though it is called Permanent Makeup, there are still a number of ways it can be removed. Here are some of them: 

  • Laser Treatment


The most common procedure for safely removing Permanent Makeup is laser treatment. It utilizes laser beams that are traced over the tattoo. These laser beams break down the pigment molecules as it penetrates the skin. The pigment molecules that are broken down are then destroyed by the white blood cells. So far, it is mostly effective on removing black and brown pigments but laser treatments do not do well with other colors. However, laser treatments are quite costly as they require multiple sessions and are quite painful. 


According to Dr. Jason Emer, a Dermatologic Surgeon, laser treatments are the readily available procedures that are effective in removing Permanent Makeup. He says,


“Lasers can be used to remove tattoos. It will take a series of treatments for improvement.”  


Additionally, Pico Laser Technology was endorsed by Dr. Daniel Ritacca, an Oculoplastic Surgeon. He says, 


“I have performed many permanent makeup tattoo removal treatments and would recommend Pico laser technology once your tattoo is completely healed. My preference is the multi wavelength PiQo4 laser that can target 96% of ink colors.”

  • Saline Treatments

Saline removal is the go-to-treatment if the Permanent Makeup involves other colors than black or brown. This process is basically reverse tattooing where it utilizes a blade or a machine that opens the skin containing the tattoo and injects salt-based solution that is designed to dry up the pigments. After the opening of the skin, a scab will form on the area and the dried pigments will be on the scab. Another process of removing the scab will take place and once removed, the pigments will also be removed. Just like laser treatments, Saline treatments will also be painful as it is essentially the same as tattooing. However, these treatments are likewise safe and the recovery period won’t take long. 


These two are the most famous procedures sought by people wanting to remove their Permanent Makeup and are the most suggested by doctors. Despite being regularly sought out by people and being suggested by doctors and experts, Laser and Saline Treatments are not the only treatments available to remove Permanent Makeup. There are other uncommon and unconventional ones which can help other people seeking a budget-friendly treatment or less painful ones. There are also those that are readily convenient and won’t take too long. Some of them are Tattoo Removal Creams, Glycolic Acid Treatment, Chemical Peel and Microneedling. 


It is always highly recommended to seek expert opinion first before getting into Permanent Makeup removal treatments since consulting can help you prepare for your treatment. Most importantly, it is there where you will know what type of treatment is best for you and your skin.