Multiple BOTOX treatments

The effects of BOTOX is not just dependent on the success of the procedure by following proper pre-treatment care and treatments because it would also depend on how well and good the post-treatment maintenance and aftercare. And while it is true that its effects can last longer and stronger by following a religious and incredible aftercare, the injectible is still susceptible to the body’s natural chemicals that will eventually wear it off. In other words, the effects are not permanent! 


But fret not because BOTOX is not a one time big time treatment because it can be taken multiple times! What’s more amazing is that the more treatments you undergo, the more the wrinkles and fine lines become less pronounced! 


And so, the main question is how often should you get a BOTOX treatment?


Before answering that, it is important to know that the effects and results of the BOTOX treatment will depend mainly on how many units will be injected into the treated area. Essentially, the lesser the units, the quicker it fades. While bigger amounts may seem readily attractive and more viable, it cannot be simply done especially on the initial treatment. The first few treatments will most likely involve low doses of BOTOX to help the expert or doctor to understand how your body will respond to the injectable. A positive response from the body will give way for bigger dosage. 


BOTOX will usually run for three to five months—if you are lucky and great with your maintenance! As such, it is recommended and practiced that BOTOX treatments should be once every three to five months. But it will be up to your expert or doctor to see whether you can get that once every three to five months since the response and results will vary from person to person. In some cases, there will be a chance of getting your muscles to get used to less contractions which results into a once every five to seven months.  


Hence, it is very important to consult your doctor and expert every now and then. Additionally, it will also be highly beneficial if you are able to create a long-term scheduling for your BOTOX treatments.