Acne Treatments

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  • Professional light based acne treatment
  • BBL  Forever Clear Device
  • Resolution of active acne
  • Reduction of future breakouts

Professionally reduce or eliminate unsightly acne with our Forever Clear BBL™ system utilizing Intense Pulsed Light energy. 


Forever Clear Acne Treatment in OCK

What Is Forever Clear BBL For Acne?

The Forever Clear BBL™ system uses broad band light pulses to non-invasively treat acne without creams or chemicals. This treatment is effective for reducing current breakouts as well as helping prevent new ones. 

What Are The Benefits of Forever Clear BBL™?

Forever Clear BBL™ works for all skin types to stop acne and prevent future breakouts. The treatment can be used on most areas affected by acne with the most common being face, neck and back. In addition to helping reduce acne, Forever Clear BBL™ helps create more even skin tone, reduces the noticeability of visible pours, and can improve skin texture. 

Sciton® BBL Resurfacing

In addition to treating acne, our BBL treatments can also improve skin texture with resurfacing. For acne patients, this is often desired for reducing acne scars.

How Does Forever Clear BBL™ Work?

Forever Clear BBL™ involves 3 steps. First, the skin is treated with a blue pulsed light which is designed to kill bacteria which cause acne. Next, a yellow pulsed light is applied which is designed to reduct inflammation in the skin and reduce redness. Last, a red laser pulse application is used to stimulate the skin’s healing ability. 

After the treatment, there could be a little bit of irritation or inflammation in the treated area which typically goes away after the first day or two. The whole treatment can be completed in 30  minutes to an hour. 

What Kind Of Results Can Be Expected From Forever Clear BBL™?

You should notice improved skin soon after your first treatment with a reduction in acne and better general skin quality. However, results depend on the severity of the acne. We will work with you to create a treatment plan. Some patients may need multiple treatments. Forever Clear BBL™ can be used multiple times to address more severe cases with visits typically spaced about 1 week apart. 

Since our BBL acne treatments are non-invasive, they may also be combined with other treatments that can help further reduce acne as well such as HydraFacials.