Oklahoma Rep Proposing Big Foot Hunting Season

An Oklahoma lawmaker is looking to legitimize Bigfoot and Sasquatch hunters with a proposed new bill seeking to open a hunting season for the creatures according to a Fox News article published on January 21st. In it they say:

“There’s hunting season, and then there’s Bigfoot hunting season.

An Oklahoma lawmaker has pitched a bill to create a bona fide Bigfoot hunting season in the Sooner State.

On Wednesday, Rep. Justin Humphrey (R) introduced House Bill 1648, urging the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission (OWCC) to establish a big foot hunting season.’

‘The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission shall promulgate rules establishing a big foot hunting season,’ the bill states. ‘The Commission shall set annual season dates and create any necessary specific hunting licenses and fees.’

‘It is a real bill, yes,’ Micah Holmes, Assistant Chief of the Information and Education Division at the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation confirmed to Fox News on Thursday.”


Oklahoma is known for it’s Bigfoot and Sasquatch sightings according to a TMZ article published on January 21st. In it they say:

Oklahoma’s infamous for its sasquatch sightings, especially in the southeastern and southern parts of the state, which Humphrey represents. So the dude’s got skin in the game.


People like Bigfoot, even if he may not even be real, and hunting is legal so long as it’s season,  and the bill kind of seems to be in Bigfoot’s favor, since the goal is to keep the creature alive assuming hunters and cryptid enthusiasts find him. What’s the harm?