Oklahoma Vaccination Rate Soars

Oklahoma has hit two million vaccinations according to an article from The Oklahoman from April 2nd. In it they say:

“Twenty-five percent of the state’s adults are now fully vaccinated, according to CDC data, and nearly 42% have received at least one dose.

Of the population over 65, about 57% are fully vaccinated, and almost 75% have received at least one dose.”

Other sources say that the numbers actually reflect as much as a whole third of Oklahoma being vaccinated, at least according to a Yahoo News article from April 3rd. In it they say:

“Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed nearly a third of Oklahomans have received at least one coronavirus vaccination.

Data showed more than 1.26 million people in the state have received at least one dose, about 32% of the state’s nearly 4 million residents. More than 753,000 people have completed their vaccinations.

Deputy state health Commissioner Keith Reed said the total number of doses given has topped 2 million.”

Oklahoma is presenting a commendable rise in the number of vaccines being received by the population.