Preparing for Dermaplane

With its noninvasive and painless procedure, Dermaplane became one of the most sought out skin care treatments that gently removes dead skin cells, scar tissues and unwanted debris, making the skin generally look refined, smoother and radiant. Just like any other treatments, to achieve best possible results, certain preparations are required before diving right into the Dermaplane procedure. Here are 5 ways to prepare for your next Dermaplane appointment. 

  • Avoid Sun Exposure

Getting a Dermaplane treatment which involves shaving, requires the skin to be under normal conditions. As such, having sunburned skin shaved will likely be unpleasant and uncomfortable. Additionally, a sunburned skin will have damaged skin cells which will likely prolong the natural healing and recovery of the skin after Dermaplaning.  

  • Drink Water

Generally, drinking water is always encouraged before proceeding with a treatment. Not only is it essential to maintain a healthy skin but drinking water is encouraged before treatments so as to prevent any post-treatment side effects like swelling or discomfort. 

  • Postpone Exfoliation

It is highly recommended to first stop exfoliating skin completely. This is because exfoliating your skin before a Dermaplane treatment would be redundant. Dermaplane is already an exfoliating treatment that involves rigorous scraping of dead skin. An exfoliation before a Dermaplane treatment will naturally cause over-exfoliation, irritation and inflammation of the skin. For best case scenario, leave your skin free from exfoliation for about a week before your Dermaplane appointment. 

  • Advance Wax Appointments

Just like exfoliating before a Dermaplane treatment, waxing before may cause severe irritation and sometimes inflammation since Dermaplane is naturally a treatment that removes hair. It is safer to schedule wax appointments at least 2-3 weeks before the Dermaplane appointment so as to prevent the said effects. 

  • Look for Open Wounds or Lesions

The use of a sterile blade for Dermaplane treatment is very serious and difficult. While it may seem easy as it is painless, it is still safer to conduct the scraping of dead skin cells if the skin is free from open wounds. Having open wounds during a Dermaplane session might not only infect the wound itself, but also prolong its recovery.