Removing unwanted and persistent fat is Kybella’s Specialty

Unwanted and persistent fat is very difficult to have and remove. Surely there are plenty of ways on how to deal with fat such as regular exercise, proper diet and proper sleep. However, there are times when these unwanted and persistent fat remain despite religiously sticking through these routines. While there are indeed treatments that deal with fat reduction and fat removal, there are those fats such as double chins that are especially hard to get rid of. Luckily, there is a treatment involving an injectable synthetic deoxycholic acid that can break down fat cells. This nonsurgical treatment is called Kybella.


Who should go through Kybella?

Any person who has these signs should consider getting a Kybella:

  1. Those with good diet and proper exercise but still has double chin
  2. Those who has a double chin or any unwanted fat but does not want any surgical treatment
  3. Those who are stable in weight but have unwanted fat that put on extra weight because of fat cells.


However, Kybella will be limited to adults over the age of 21. These persons should not be allergic to the ingredients of the injectable. Moreover, they are also required to be medically healthy and do not have any skin condition that may get complicated with the injectable. Lastly, candidates should also be women who are not pregnant or are currently breastfeeding to ensure safety of the woman and the child. 


What happens in Kybella?

Kybella is a treatment that utilizes deoxycholic acid, an acid that primarily destroys fat cells. Before injecting the acid, the technician uses an ice pack or a numbing agent that will mitigate or numb any pain and discomfort. Then, the acid is then injected to the treated area where it will effectively destroy fat cells and completely remove them out of the area. But it doesn’t stop there, the acid then prevents the storing of fats in the area to further address future growth of fat cells. 


What happens after Kybella?

After a successful treatment, the results will not be immediately evident. Instead, additional sessions will be scheduled for the next Kybella injections. Normally, around 2 to 4 sessions will be needed to produce the best results possible. As such, these treatment sessions are collective and cumulative. Ultimately, your unwanted fat’s appearance will decrease over time until it is completely removed, leaving a presentable and self-esteem booster area. 


However, to achieve further better and longer lasting results, it is important to follow after care tips as well as suggestions made by the expert or technician. 


Will Kybella have side effects?

While it is readily effective and efficient in destroying fat cells and there is a certain degree of care and maintenance for it, Kybella does not really have any long term side effects. Instead, normal side effects like swelling, discomfort, redness, bruising and numbness can be felt and seen in the treated area. However, these are but normal side effects and are actually minimal only.