Robots: An Unexpected Side-Effect Of Covid in Oklahoma

A fleet of UV ray emitting, covid-killing robots are coming to an Oklahoma Convention Center according to a Fox 25 article from April 30th. In it they say:

“The Oklahoma City Convention Center becomes the nation’s first exhibition and conference facility in America to deploy a fleet of the world’s first-proven coronavirus-killing UV ray robots.

The 10 LightStrike robots are used around the clock to disinfect the 500,000 square foot convention center, which includes exhibit halls, ballrooms, pre-function spaces and terraces, and meeting rooms.”

More than that, a new billing that aims to partially automate the delivery industry is sitting on the governor’s desk according to a Kfor article from April 16th. In it they say:

“A new bill is headed to the governor’s desk that would allow autonomous robots to deliver packages and groceries to your door.

Representative Logan Phillips presented the bill on the House of Representatives floor yesterday.

He says it will work quicker and more efficiently than the current process.”

Well, one way to limit person-to-person interactions, is more robots it seems.