Safety of Emsculpt

Working out and exercising are very beneficial to our overall health. More incredibly, these two are also responsible for toning out and building our muscles. However, sometimes working out and exercising are not an option. For instance, strenuous activities are discouraged after delicate treatments. Another instance would be busy schedules or unwanted injuries. Luckily, there is a treatment capable of simulating the same intensive and concentrated workout we do without actually working out! This treatment is called Emsculpt. 


Emsculpt is a revolutionary treatment that utilizes High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic pulses in order to force the muscles to undergo contractions. Generally, Emsculpt is regarded as a safe and approved treatment. However, there are still instances where Emsculpt’s safety is placed on the line. These instances include surgeries, pregnancies or other treatments. 


When it comes to past surgeries, Dr. David Cunningham, assures that Emscult will still be relatively safe. He says, 


“While I alway advise exercising caution, I think you will be fine to undergo EMSCULPT. The abdominal protocol does not stimulate the smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal tract to any meaningful degree (it would be a messy procedure for us all if it did!) and therefore you should not have issues related to the prior adhesions.”


One of the most common surgeries of course comes from pregnancy. Fortunately, Emscult is a go to treatment after birth according to Dr. Rita Rakus. She says,  


“Yes Emsculpt is an ideal treatment for post partum concerns. We use this treatment particularly for diastasis recti and it really helps tone and close the separation of the muscles. Always go to a qualified and experienced practitioner.”


Additional instructions are of course needed according to Dr. Sheryl Clark as she says,  

“You can safely have Emsculpt several weeks after delivery, at minimum two weeks. It will indeed help with the separation of your abdominal muscles, and help you to strengthen and tighten them as well.”


Even other treatments can go with Emscupt such as Liposuction. However, there will be certain conditions that are needed to be met in order to guarantee the best possible results according to Dr. Dmitry Schwarzburg. He says, 


“You can do it before or after your surgery. I would suggest waiting until after you’ve healed from the surgery so you can enjoy the results. If you get it before the surgery, you may have some swelling from the surgery covering up your abs. Medically, either way is fine, though.”


Accordingly, Emsculpt is a safe procedure as it is nonsurgical and noninvasive. However, it is very important to first consult your doctor or specialist in order to be certain that there will be no side effects or consequences.