Signs that Qualifies You for Kybella

Your unwanted fats, usually resting in the chin area or bra area, can be treated with Kybella. It is a nonsurgical technique where you will be injected with a synthetic form of bile acid called Deoxycholic Acid. This acid will be injected on your desired area where it will destroy fat cells inside the skin and refine your skin. This process usually takes 15 to 20 minutes and it has minimal downtime. As such, people regularly seek this treatment for its convenience. But Kybella with just convenience wouldn’t suffice on its own. Luckily, it has already been proven to be effective and safe as countless people have already undergone the treatment and were pleased with the results that came with it. 


However, one of the common concerns in getting Kybella is whether or not it is the appropriate treatment. What makes this easy to resolve is that Kybella is a treatment designed to eradicate fat cells and that is its sole purpose. If you have unwanted fats you want to get rid of, Kybella is already an option to consider. And so, the proper question is whether or not you are qualified to undergo a Kybella treatment. To make it easy, we’ve listed down the signs that will make you qualified for a Kybella treatment.

  • Your Exercise is not enough

One of the first signs that will make you qualify for a Kybella treatment is that your exercise is not enough to get rid of your unwanted fat no matter where it is. Having small pockets of fat in your chin, bra area, knee area or armpit is usually easy to get rid of. Exercise can be one of the ways to do so but sometimes it just doesn’t work for some people. And as such, Kybella might be the answer for your unwanted fat. 

  • Your Diet is not enough

With exercise on the list, of course diet will also be included. Getting rid of unwanted fat shouldn’t be a huge problem especially when you are controlling your diet, more so if you are doing regular exercise. But if it isn’t enough to address your unwanted fat, Kybella is already a big option to consider.

  • Your weight is normal

Another sign which is one of the most important is having a normal weight. If you are within your normal and stable weight, you shouldn’t be having a hard time getting rid of those fats in your body. Additionally, having a normal weight should necessarily be accompanied with a refined and fatless chin, elbow, knee or armpit area because your body will have a hard time carrying those fats. Apart from that, the fat cells can make you look a little awkward as they can enlarge the area while you are looking just right, fit and normal. 

  • Surgery is not an option for you

If you are unable to undergo surgery for medical or personal reasons, you are in luck because Kybella does not need any surgery or any other invasive procedure to remove unwanted fats. 

  • Skin condition is not your issue

Kybella tightens the skin when injected into the area. If you are suffering from skin conditions such as sagging skin, it might not be a good idea to undergo Kybella. But if your skin is healthy and in good condition, Kybella will do just fine. 


Even if all these signs are present, don’t forget to consult your doctor to get an expert opinion on whether you are really qualified for Kybella and whether your body and your skin are suited for the treatment.