SkinPen with other treatments

SkinPen is without a doubt one of the best cosmetic and aesthetic treatments out there. Apart from being able to cover different types of skin problems such as dry skin, acne prone skin, enlarged pores, and more, it is also incredibly effective, safe and convenient. However, SkinPen does not end its incredible advantages there. Despite it being a gentle and efficient treatment, it can extend its effectiveness, safety and convenience to other cosmetic treatments as well! In other words, not only is it compatible with multiple treatments, it also makes both SkinPen and the latter treatments more enhanced!



According to Dr. Brannon Claytor—plastic surgeon—SkinPen as a microneedling technique would complement an IPL session. He says, 


“Having an IPL session first then microneedling directly after is preferred. Also using SkinPen’s Skinfuse 90 day skin care kit during the series of treatments is extremely effective for optimal collagen production.”


Dr. Renee Burke supported the IPL and SkinPen combination but suggests that there should be a rest period between the two treatments. He recommends,


“You can preform these two treatments at the same appointment. However, we like to space these treatments out by two weeks. Preferably, we would like to do IPL first and have you come back two weeks later to do SkinPen.”


Aside from IPL, PRP is also a great treatment for SkinPen according to Dr. Neda Vanden Bosch—physician. She says, 


“In my practice we have seen more dramatic results with the use of PRP with the Skin Pen.”


Dr. Jason Emer—dermatologic surgeon—extensively discusses the importance and ability of PRP as an individual treatment and a support treatment for SkinPen. He says,


“PRP it’s a high concentration of platelet rich plasma protein deprived from whole blood. Blood is drawn from the patient and goes into a special tube that, once spun in a centrifuge, separates your natural growth factor from your red blood cells. Commonly called liquid gold as this growth factor is one of the best growth factors to put on the skin and there is no chance of rejection. When combined with Micro-Needling, it can bypass the skin barrier pushing the PRP in the the deeper levels of skin. This promotes faster healing and improved tone and texture. This is applied topically to the skin.”


Chemical Peel

Lastly, Chemical peels are also greatly beneficial for SkinPen as it increases the optimal results according to Dr. Patricia Faraz. She says, 


“I would agree with your dermatologist. Doing your peel prior to your microneedling is an excellent treatment plan to achieve optimal results.”


Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh—facial plastic surgeon—emphasizes that there should be a rest period between the two. He says, 


“Microneedling and Vi peels are used to rejuvenate the skin in totally different fashions.  I believe there should not be an issue doing a microneedling treatment 4 weeks after a Vi peel as long as you are completely healed.”