Vaccine Demand On Decline In Oklahoma

The State of Oklahoma has turned down some vaccines from the federal government due to a decline in demand across the state according to a KFOR article from May 4th. In it they say:

“State of Oklahoma officials said they have been declining some of their federal allocation Tuesday due to a decline in the demand for the vaccine in Oklahoma.

The state’s allocation normally exceeds 200,000 per week. Instead, they said they are only accepting into the tens of thousands of that. The left-over surplus is being reallocated to states with more demand after President Joe Biden’s plan to administer 100 million shots over the next 60 days. Biden said he wants 70 percent of Americans to have at least their first round by the fourth of July.”

This has raised some questions about the likelihood of reaching her immunity in Oklahoma according to a KFOR article from May 4th. In it they say:

“Even though Oklahoma communities are now taking a more relaxed stance against COVID-19, physicians in the state remain hopeful that we are able to achieve herd immunity.

‘Theoretically, we could get herd immunity with our vaccines by the summer. It is possible,’ said Dr. Mary Clarke, president of the Oklahoma State Medical Association.

However, Dr. Clarke said there are still some obstacles in the way.

‘One is vaccine hesitancy, still. We still have some patients who are hesitant,’ said Dr. Clarke. ‘We have a small minority of patients who will ultimately refuse, and we also have the issue with patients who want the vaccine but don’t have the access.’ ”

Now with not only demand for the vaccine, but also supply for the vaccine being reduced, her immunity is a little further away.