Veggies for Skin

Placing vegetables at the fourth level in the food pyramid had a really good reason for it. Vegetables are known to be extremely healthy foods, capable of treating existing conditions and regulating the body’s overall health. And of course, vegetables are also extremely beneficial to the skin. 


While they may seem less attractive and delicious than other types of food, vegetables are known to have properties, vitamins and minerals—antioxidants, Vitamins A, C and E and of course highly beneficial fatty acids—that can easily double the skin’s protection and afford it a radiant and youthful appearance. 


Here are some vegetables to consider to make the skin look healthy and beautiful!


  1. Avocados – known for being anti-inflammatory and a good source of vitamins that can nourish the skin for better health and appearance


  1. Broccoli – one of the best sources of antioxidants and capable of increasing collagen production in the skin 


  1. Tomatoes – its richness in vitamin c can provide a beautiful glow to the skin and it can prevent oil build up 


  1. Carrots – very rich in vitamin a and is known to be a great aid against sun damage and blemishes 


  1. Spinach – rich in vitamins a, vitamin e, iron, vitamin c and can help with the overall health of the skin


  1. Kale – rich in antioxidants and capable of helping the skin with healing bruises and scars


  1. Pumpkin – known for its cell turnover that results with smoother and brighter skin 


  1. Peppers – whether yellow or red, it is known for collagen production as well as reduction of fine lines