Venus Legacy & Venus Freeze

There are plenty of treatments readily available when it comes to tightening the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Two of these treatments come from the same area and share the same philosophy. These are Venus Legacy and Venus Freeze and they are almost identical to each other as both utilize the same device in creating radio frequency energy and electro–magnetic energy. And while they share some similarities, there are also key features that make them distinct. 


Venus Freeze is the first of its kind in heating the skin through the usage of unconventional energies to tighten it, increase collagen production and in the process, significantly reduce fine lines, wrinkles and even cellulite. In fact, it is the original treatment which paved the way for different Venus treatments. It is commonly sought by people, thanks to its benefits and incredible convenience in making the skin smoother and finer.


On the other hand, Venus Legacy—as offered here at Belle Anne Med Spa—is the evolved and refined version of Venus Freeze. Just like the latter, Venus Legacy can remove fat and cellulite and diminish imperfections. It can also stimulate collagen production. 


While Venus Legacy essentially does what Venus Freeze does, there is a feature that the former contains. And that feature is quite a deal clincher because it can be coupled with suction technologies that ensures precision and effectiveness. Our Venus Legacy here at Belle Anne Med Spa is paired with Varipulse technology which gently pulls the skin upward that guarantees a deeper and more focused treatment. But it doesn’t stop there because our Venus Legacy is also equipped with Real-Time Thermal Feedback technology which makes it easier for the technician to accurately target the fat and cellulite. This of course, makes it possible for a safer and more comfortable procedure


Apart from that, Venus Legacy is also more powerful and more effective since it is basically an evolved version of Venus Freeze. This means that Venus Legacy delivers more energy pulses to help produce more quality results. Naturally, this also means that Venus Legacy requires  fewer treatments and sessions than of a Venus Freeze.