Vitamin Sea is good for the skin

July’s summer has arrived and the best thing to do is beat the summer sun and heat by heading down to the beach for a dip in the sea. Many people are quite conflicted and worried about going to the beach because of the summer sun that can damage their skin. While that is indeed true, combating and evading the sun’s wrath and ultraviolet rays are relatively doable. And of course, heading down to the beach is more than just beating the summer sun and heat since it involves a bigger and more beneficial thing when it comes to your skin!


Swimming in the sea is incredibly healthy for your skin. Yes, you heard that right! Sea water is an incredible agent that can clean and cleanse, boost and rejuvenate and even help deter and fix your skin pre-existing conditions. This is because sea water contains various types of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, vanadium as well as chromium, all of which are incredibly helpful when it comes to skin care!

  • Cleaning and Cleansing

Cleaning and Cleansing aren’t new when it comes to skin health and appearance. However, it is not common to know that sea water is capable of cleaning and cleansing your skin. If you will notice that sea water has a strong taste, it is because it contains salt which is very effective in removing dirt, oil and dead skin. Additionally, salt water is able to scrub off dirt and debris that are deeper within the pores because salt water is also known for its exfoliation through its minerals. 

  • Boost and Rejuvenate

Since salt water is naturally an exfoliant, it can encourage collagen production and promote healthy skin cell production, both of which are quite essential for boosting the health and appearance of the skin. However, salt water does not end its rejuvenation capabilities there since it also helps with blood circulation and moisture absorption. This helps of course with achieving a softer skin texture. 

  • Deter and Fix

Having a skin condition does not automatically mean that you are already off the list when it comes to the sea water’s benefits. If you are suffering from eczema, salt water is greatly beneficial since it contains magnesium—an anti-inflammatory agent and an antimicrobial mineral that deters bacteria and even itches. The same can be said if you have Psoriasis. This goes without saying that salt water can also help with allergies since salt water is capable of deterring the production of histamine and proinflammatory cytokines. Additionally, salt water is also capable of healing wounds—while it may hurt or tingle a little—because salt water is considered to be antiseptic. But of course, be very careful since salt water can also damage and increase bacterial infection if your wound is too big and complicated.