What can Dermal Fillers do?

Dermal Fillers are gel-like substances that are injected to the skin, essentially adding volume to the targeted areas. As a result, they are able to create a smoother or fuller appearance. The treatment only lasts about an hour and there is no downtime for it. Apart from that, these revolutionary cosmetic devices are safe as they are well-regulated by the FDA. 


However, Dermal Fillers are not plainly just devices used to smoothen the appearance of the skin to create a youthful skin. Verily, the range of Dermal Fillers are wider as it can address different skin conditions and problems. 



The most common problem that Dermal Fillers can address is aging skin. The gel-like substances are able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and even dark spots which are all results of skin aging. Additionally, the treatment also enables the skin to produce more collagen and elastin that improves the overall appearance, volume and radiance of the skin. 



Another skin aging problem that is prevalent is the volume loss that leads to thin and discolored skin. Most often than not, sagging skin occurs when there is volume loss and it is most evident in the cheeks, forehead and brows. Thanks to the capability of Dermal Fillers to act as a volume, they can replace the loss of fat, plump the skin and lift it. 



Aside from the facial skin itself, the lips are also susceptible to losing volume. Dermal Fillers can easily address this issue and may even increase the refined look that will result in a more noticeable natural pout. 



One of the most common lines in the face is the Smile Lines which are direct results from facial expressions. As time passes, these lines become deeper and deeper, making it more noticeable. With Dermal Fillers however, the deep and pronounced lines can easily be reversed and corrected, producing a more youthful appearance across the face. 



Dermal Fillers can also be utilized to modify and reshape the chins by adding volume to it. As a result, the shape of the jawline improves dramatically and becomes more refined and proportionate to other facial features.