What can SkinPen do

SkinPen is a relatively new treatment primarily used in treating acne scars, whether they may be mild or severe. It is a very efficient and convenient treatment since it offers no downtime, fast recovery and safe method and results to patients and clients alike. Despite being relatively new and having these advantages, SkinPen is able to offer more. By offering more, it means SkinPen can literally be offered and suggested to patients suffering from different skin conditions. In other words, SkinPen is not just limited to acne scars despite being a gentle treatment.


Here are other skin conditions and problems that SkinPen can address:


  1. Dark spots
  2. Acute Hyperpigmentation 
  3. Trauma scars
  4. Surgical scars
  5. Enlarged Pores
  6. Closed Pores
  7. Fine Lines
  8. Wrinkles
  9. Uneven skin tone
  10. Dry skin
  11. Rough skin


But SkinPen’s capabilities don’t stop with being able to treat various skin conditions and problems! It can also help with making your skin look extremely good and pleasant by tightening it. Through collagen induction, SkinPen is able to encourage the tightening of the skin, defeating wrinkles and fine lines in the process. Thanks to its derma rolling technique which penetrates that skin, collagen production is enhanced greatly to make your skin look defined and refined!


Lastly, SkinPen can also address acne itself, not just its scars. As mentioned earlier, SkinPen can address closed pores by unclogging them. As a result, dirt and oil build up are removed and topical medications used for acne can sip tighter into the pores. SkinPen can also minimize enlarged pores as mentioned earlier which in turn makes it possible for your pores to be free from oil and dirt build up. And of course, acne scars are effectively removed through the collagen production which replaces the dead skins with fresh and healthy skin cells.