What to expect in a CoolSculpting treatment

Body fat is a huge problem in the world of cosmetics and it is one of the most common issues. Luckily, CoolSculpting offers a non-surgical method in cutting down fat efficiently and effectively. But since it is one of the best treatments that addresses fats in different parts of the body—this includes the upper neck, under arms, back, abdomen, thighs, butts and knees— it is no wonder that many people wonder how the procedure goes for CoolSculpting. 


First and foremost, CoolSculpting may be quite intimidating because of its effectiveness but in reality, the procedure is quite simple. While it is not entirely super comfortable, it is fortunately painless all throughout. The first 10 minutes of the session will make the skin numb and a cold sensation will follow when a vacuum starts sipping the skin. Thankfully, a session only lasts 30 minutes to 1 hour only. 


Since CoolSculpting is quite gentle in its procedure, the downtime is also quite minimal. Despite the numbness and the cold sensation lingering in the body for a while, the treated areas will recover quickly. Any kind of discomfort therein can be addressed and resolved by a slow massage. 


Contrary to common belief, CoolSculpting does not produce a perfect flat tummy or perfectly toned muscles after the treatment. This is because the results take time. The dead fat cells that CoolSculpting freezes during the treatment usually get drained out of the body in about 1 to 3 months. 


Aside from taking time, CoolSculpting is more often than not a multiple session treatment. It benefits patients by efficiently spreading out the treatment sessions so as to help the body recover from each session and to allow the dead fat cells to be eliminated from the body. Most patients require 3 sessions depending on their body type and their fat mass. 


Patience is a must for CoolSculpting treatments as the results are incredibly worth it. Aside from being able to cut down the body fats effectively, the results are permanent in nature. All that has to be done is to follow some aftercare instructions and more importantly, maintain body weight as new fat cells may grow again in the treated area.