Why is Elastin Important

Elastin is a protein responsible for giving elasticity to tissues. These are mainly found in the lungs, tendons, ligaments and of course the skin. It is an essential and critical protein of the skin, and this especially true when it comes to attaining a firm and defined skin. Thanks to its properties, it has the ability to offer flexibility to the skin which prevents the skin from sagging as well. 


Unfortunately, skin sagging is a problematic issue and it is one of the most common skin conditions out there. While skin sagging may be relatively solved through encouraging the production of Elastin or by taking supplements and foods that can help increase the number of Elastin, it is still important to know how our skin can lose Elastin. More accurately, it is important to know the causes that diminish the number of Elastin and reduce its production in our body. Here are the three main causes:

  • Aging

Aging is a natural and inevitable fact of life. As difficult and unfortunate that may sound, it is a known fact that once we age, our body performs a little less effective. This of course is true for our skin as well. When we age, our skin produces less and less Elastin. That is why skin sagging is more prominent to the elderly and to those who experience premature skin aging.

  • Smoking

The main culprit for premature skin aging is smoking. This is because cigarettes have unpleasant chemicals that not only destroy our body and our cells but they also have chemicals that limit the supply of nutrients and oxygen to different parts of the body, including our skin. When this occurs, our skin experiences a slower and less effective production of many much needed chemicals which of course includes Elastin. Additionally, smoking has properties that can destroy Elastin and other proteins such as Collagen.

  • Sun-bathing

Sun-bathing may give you the skin tone that you want and it may give you just the right amount of Vitamin D needed by your entire body. However, sun-bathing, when too much, can be absolutely dangerous and harmful. Not only is it capable of sunburn but it is also capable of sending off ultraviolet rays to your skin. These ultraviolet rays are able to penetrate deep into the skin, causing serious damage and destroying Elastin proteins. This damage can also happen on tanning beds.