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BBL Forever Bare

Permanent hair reduction with Sciton’s Forever Bare BBL treatment is a faster, safer, and more comfortable alternative to traditional laser hair removal.

Thanks to the cutting edge broad-band, pulsed light technology, permanent hair reduction is now available for darker skin types as well. 

About BBL Forever Bare

Older traditional laser hair removal devices had limited application and could only be used on lighter skin types. At Belle Ame, we use Sciton’s revolutionary Forever Bare BBL for permanent hair reduction. It can be effectively used for hair removal on skin types I-V. Unlike with traditional laser hair removal, the BBL device sends multiple lower fluence pulses at a high repetition rate, for a treatment that is safer, faster, and more effective.

Safe and Comfortable?

While we can’t say that BBL hair removal is a totally painless treatment, we can say that thanks to the thermoelectrically cooled sapphire plate on the handpiece, it is much more comfortable than traditional laser hair removal. The cooling plate provides a continuous soothing temperature to keep your skin cool and comfortable before, during, and after treatment. Most patients report that the sensation is similar to the snapping of a rubber band or pin pricks and warmth. BBL also protects your skin by applying thermal energy in quick pulses rather than all at once. This allows your hair follicles to gently and gradually raise to therapeutic temperatures.

How Long Does the Session Last?

This depends on the size of the area being treated and how many different areas will be worked on in a single session. The large spot size combined with the highest power and repetition rate of any light device on the market allows for very fast treatment times compared to other hair removal devices. Spot size adapters can also allow your technician to precisely target a single smaller area in only a few minutes, while a larger area or multiple areas combined may require 15 minutes or a bit longer. To find out the duration of the treatment time for your specific desired areas, give us a call to talk to one of our skin-care experts. 

BBL Forever Bare Overview:

Schedule a Consultation

We would love to answer any questions you may have about permanent hair reduction. If you aren’t sure if BBL hair removal is right for you, please set up a consultation with one of our skin-care experts. We can talk about which areas you would like to treat and perform a thorough skin-type analysis to determine the best course of action for you. After your consultation you’ll have an idea of how long the treatment will take and what the cost would be. If after your consultation you decide to make an appointment for hair removal, you’ll be given instructions on how best to prepare for your session.

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