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Skin Resurfacing | SkinPen

SkinPen is recognized as one of the best, most technologically advanced skin rejuvenation treatments. It’s a type of collagen-induced therapy that treats all sorts of skin imperfections. SkinPen is minimally invasive, quick working, and recommended by a great number of skincare professionals. Moreover, the treatment is the first of its kind to have FDA approval and to be suitable for anyone over 22 years of age.

SkinPen uses micro-needling to penetrate the depressions on your skin and help your body smooth them out with collagen. While micro-needling isn’t a new concept, SkinPen represents a unique innovation in this field.

What Happens During a Skin Resurfacing | SkinPen Session?

SkinPen is used to create microscopic punctures that accelerate your skin’s healing process. This technique is called micro-needling, and it works by creating controlled microscopic incisions on your skin which stimulate a healing response, causing your body to produce more collagen and elastin. The treatment will also make your skin more open to receiving products, increasing their efficacy. 

Before your procedure, you’ll talk to your esthetician about what specifically you hope to accomplish with SkinPen. You’ll also discuss the current state of your skin, and determine a course of treatment including how many treatments are needed and how often.

The majority of patients need around two or three sessions, which should be around six to eight weeks apart. However, if you have deep scarring or wrinkles, you’ll likely need anywhere from six to eight sessions.

The side effects are quite mild, your skin may look flushed and you may notice some mild swelling, however, it most likely won’t be severe enough that you feel you have to hide your face in public or call in sick to work. 

Dermaplane Overview:

What Does a SkinPen Session Entail?

Your esthetician will determine the depth of penetration required for your specific skin-type. Then they will attach a clean cartridge that contains tiny micro-needles to the SkinPen and apply a clean layer of topical serum to your skin. They’ll glide the SkinPen across your face to start getting rid of the depressions in your skin.

A SkinPen session typically takes anywhere from 15 minutes up to half an hour. The duration depends on the size of the area you’re treating and how damaged your skin currently is. The treatment is typically entirely painless for most patients, as you can adjust the settings to best suit each person.

You can expect to see results as soon as your treatment is done as your skin will quickly get a gorgeous pink glow. Then, you’ll need anywhere from one to five days to heal completely. Still, keep in mind that you’ll need to follow the instructions of your skincare professional to ensure the best results possible.

As the weeks go by, your skin will start returning back to normal and lose the pink hue. The overall appearance of your skin should improve within the next 3–6 weeks. However, remember that the healing process is different for everyone, and it depends on the general state of your skin.

What Are the Benefits of Using SkinPen?

SkinPen helps stimulate your body’s ability to create collagen, which can help fill out any depressions in your skin, including lines and wrinkles, as well as scars. It is useful for stretch marks, acne scars, as well as any evidence of sun damage.

SkinPen can be used on all skin tones and types and is approved for use on all parts of the body, including arms, legs, abdomen, neck, and face.

SkinPen With Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

We are able to increase the effectiveness of SkinPen by supplementing it with Platelet-Rich Plasma. This procedure involves injecting or topically applying your own blood platelets to the skin after microneedling with a SkinPen. After blood is drawn, it is taken through a centrifugal process that separates the platelet-rich plasma from other blood components and can then be applied to the treatment area. 

The process has been shown to improve the healing process that microneedling triggers thereby affecting an even more thorough rejuvenation of the skin than is possible with microneedling alone. 

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